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Port Charlotte's Premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym Since 2009

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Wolfpack South is Port Charlotte’s premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym, offering world-class instruction in a welcoming community since 2009. Our experienced instructors and dedicated students provide the perfect environment to begin or advance your BJJ journey. Whether you’re looking to learn effective self-defense, get in great shape, or challenge yourself mentally and physically, you’ll find a home at our gym.

Join us on the mats and discover how training BJJ can transform your life. From the moment you step into our gym, you’ll experience the supportive, family-like atmosphere that sets us apart. Our focus is on helping you achieve your goals, no matter your age, fitness level, or background. Get started now with a free trial class and see for yourself what makes our gym special!

Why Train BJJ?


Learn highly effective techniques to defend yourself and others. Be ready for anything.

Total-Body Fitness
Total-Body Fitness

Get in shape with intense workouts that improve strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Welcoming Community

Join a positive, inclusive community that will support you in your BJJ journey. Find your tribe.

Gain Confidence

Build self-confidence that carries over to all aspects of life by overcoming challenges on the mat.

Why Choose Wolfpack South BJJ

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At Wolfpack South BJJ, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from and train alongside a group of highly experienced practitioners, many of whom have been honing their skills for years. Our gym boasts a large number of upper belts who are not only skilled on the mats but also passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. Whether you’re just starting your BJJ journey or looking to take your training to the next level, you’ll find a wealth of expertise and guidance at Wolfpack South.

One of the things that sets Wolfpack South BJJ apart is our welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. We pride ourselves on fostering a supportive and ego-free environment where everyone feels comfortable learning and growing at their own pace. With a 20+ year history in Southwest Florida, our gym has built a strong reputation for being a no-pressure, easy-going place to train. Whether you’re looking to compete at a high level or simply enjoy the benefits of BJJ as a hobby, you’ll find a home at Wolfpack South.

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Ready to start your BJJ journey in a welcoming, experienced community? Contact us today to schedule your free first class and see why Wolfpack South BJJ is the perfect place to begin or continue your training.